FMS represents and stockist of Chain Manufacturer from China  Zhenjiang Baohai Ships Hardware Co. Ltd. The company manufacture anchor chain and offshore mooring chain. Baohai manufacture 16mm  84mm AM1, AM2 and AM3 marine stud and studless welded chains, oil rig chain and mooring buoy chains and various accessories to match the above mentioned chains.

The factory has formed a complete ISO 9000 quality guarantee system with advanced physical and chemical testing means and equipments for inspection, and it has 20 metres high-level quenched & tempered heat-treatment furnaces, which provides strong quality assurance for high-tensile chain.

Our factory has been approved by KR (Korea), RS (Russia) and ABS (U.S.A), passed LR (U.K) and CCS ISO 9001:2008 (P.R. China) Quality Management System. We are the exclusive agent and stockist for all sizes of marine and offshore anchor chains and accessories.