FMS Marine Operation onshore support bases provide Essential Logistic and Technical support for the Offshore Activities. We are proud to have successfully outfitted over fourteen modules in Malaysia without any lost time accidents occurring.

  • Offshore Marine Support
  • Offshore Diving Operations
  • Salvage Operations
  • Ship Lifting
  • Shipwreck clearing
  • Anto-pollution and Oil Spill fighting Firefighting Systems
  • Cleanhull Services


With our expertise, accumulated experience and track record, FMS is your trusted partner in facilitating any rigouros and intensive offshore logstic projects. Our expertise extends to Sourcing and Procurement of Equipment and Material

  • Provision of experienced Mariners- Expatriates and Locals
  • Rig Mobilization and Demobilization Moves
  • Operation of Supply boats, Tugs and Barges
  • Vessel Chartering
  • Supply Base management and operations



One of FMS Group range of portfolios is the lifting and rigging product.We specialize in the supply of High Performance Wire Rope, Standard Wire Rope and Non-Rotating Wire Rope.

We are committed to the quality and safety in all our products and we also provide other rigging services such as Spooling, Swaging and Splicing, Maintenance of Wire Rope and Lubricating, and Testing of Wire Rope up to 2,600M/Tons for our business partners.

FMS is an exclusive agent for SCM- South China Marine Machinery Co. Ltd affiliated to China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) which provides offshore cranes,deck cranes, deck machinery (heavy duty type windlasses and winches). Offshore cranes are defined as pedestal-mounted elevating and rotating lift devices for transfer of materials or personnel to or from marine vessels, barges and structures. Typical application can include offshore oil exploration, shipboard application and heavy-lift application. These cranes are typically mounted on sturctures, floating platforms, containers, barges, self-elevating vessels to name a few