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20 May FROG & TORO

FMS Group represents Reflex Marine Ltd in Malaysia and brings a new level of personnel transfer safety to the industry. An innovative solution developed by Reflex Marine since 1995, the Frog and Toro aims to safely address the issues faced when performing marine personnel transfer.

A product development underwent some rigorous R&D and testing processes. The design excellence of the FROG / TORO significantly reduces the risk of the main hazards associated with the traditional practice of basket transfer namely, the risk of personnel falling, vertical impacts (heavy landings), lateral impacts and immersion in water.

Gone are the days when it was acceptable to swing on a basket net without any form of harness. Passengers are further protected, as the FROG and TORO are also buoyant in case of emergency. An included attachment allows for the evacuation of one medic and a stretcher in total safety and security. Most major oil companies such as Conoco Phillips, Exxon Mobile, PETRONAS, and Shell in Malaysia, Nippon Oil, Talisman and Woodside in diverse conditions have now extensively used it, where it has gained reputation as a highly effective low-cost evacuation tool.

Ever since its introduction to various offshore installations, the FROG and TORO have proven its unrivalled value, raising the bar for personnel transfer safety for offshore installations to a whole new level.